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What is Saved'ish ?

Coffee shop discussions, people talking in the driveway and phone calls with friends confirm that just because you are a Christ-follower does not mean you have all the answers about faith. Ask three people what faith means or whether they are going to heaven and why, you get different answers from each.


I love God. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I talk to the Holy Spirit. I find joy, quiet confidence and a lot of frustrations in my daily walk in faith. This blog is a curated collection of thoughts, questions and conversations by me and people like me who have faith and are on the journey.

As for me, Tom Searcy, I am a Christ-follower. I've had a dozen years of Christian education and then more than a dozen years since I was baptized as an adult. Church, small groups, daily time in the Word and bible study have grown my faith. My life has been filled with God's provisions and His miracles. After all of that, I still have questions. I know that I am not alone- I have drank a lot of coffee with a lot of Christ-followers discussing our faith and questions. I started this blog to expand the conversations.

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