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Are We There Yet?

I started this blog site about six months ago to distribute chapters of my book, “Savedish: Salvation Conversations." I also have continued to write and post thoughts on questions and challenges I have during my faith journey. I am going to stop writing as soon as I have Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit, our place in God’s plan and how to best serve Him figured out. I do not know when that will be. I recently started a Discipleship program focused on being a disciple of Jesus Christ rather than only a Christian. This is a one-to-one study and my mentor is 80-years old. He says that he does not understand all of these issues of faith completely. Really? He's EIGHTY! (A fact he reminds me of every time I make him do wind-sprints with me at the beginning of each of our meetings, sheesh.) Eighty and he still doesn’t get it all? My new mentor is either a very slow learner, or it may be that this faith stuff is complex. Please let me know when you have it all figured out, we’ll post the answers and I will quit writing.

The blog is changing. Here’s what is happening:

  1. I am going to take down the book chapters from this site in a week.This will make room for more posts. If you want to get a summarized copy of the material, it is available at, Savedish: Salvation Conversations. If you didn’t know, all of the proceeds go to my church. Buy a bunch of books with the confidence that I am not making any money from this. If God had wanted me to make money on this, he would have told me. Believe me, I asked.

  2. I will still be writing and posting new blogs every week.

  3. This site needs a re-design.It’s hard to make comments and establish a dialogue as it is laid out now. I know because I have tried. It is going to get easier. 

  4. Please like, share and comment on the posts as you read them that you find valuable to you.The growth of readers has been amazing - we started with only two readers, my sister and me. Now we have the two of us and you. That’s at least three! More people means more conversations about Jesus Christ and the chance to expand the discussion. 

In summary- chapters come down, all of the new posts I have made stay up, the site gets better and we all grow the community and the conversation. I love this journey as I come closer to Jesus Christ and explore the Word. Thank you for being along side me as we keep walking.


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