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Chapter 1 Caveats, Author's Approaches, and Other Choices

As the author, I have followed certain parameters in writing this book. In admitting that I do not have a formal biblical education, it is important to spell out the parameters I have used for writing this book.

• I use the New International Version (NIV) for scripture source translation. If you prefer a different translation, please use yours for reference.

• I do not always use an entire passage in reference to a point that I have made. I encourage you to find the passages to which I refer in your own bible.

• Some scriptural passages are of greater personal influence in my writing. For this reason, I refer to those passages often. After the initial use of a complete passage in the initial chapter in which it is seen, I may refer to that passage simply by chapter and verse in later chapters.

• If there is a strong objection to the use of one scriptural passage versus the use of another to support a point in a chapter, please reach out to me at my email, and let me know which passage you believe makes a better point.

• Please assume we would not argue and I would support your thoughts together or in replacement of my own.[ES1] [TS2]

• If there is a strong objection to the ideas represented by a chapter in this book or the book itself, please email me and tell me about it at If these objections are significant to the level of angry objection I sincerely encourage you to write your own book. 

I am on a walk in my faith and I learn so much every day.

This book represents my understanding and faith as I write it now. Perhaps you also are on a journey and find that with greater study of God’s Word your own faith is evolving. I believe that for both of us writer and reader, our walks will lead us to greater understanding and deeper faith. I have written about what I know and consider now. Who knows, the Holy Spirit may ask me to write another book at another time reflecting what my journey has taught me through prayer, the teachings of believers further along in their journey and of course, immersion in the Word.

[TS2]My email is

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