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Do Pastors Get Better Seats in Heaven?

Indiana, where I live, allows the scalping of tickets for major sporting events and concerts. It is legal to charge whatever a person will pay for whatever amount above the ticket price. If you walk the streets outside of the stadium before the event, you either sell or buy tickets from the hawkers standing on the corners. I wonder if it is like the Turkish market my brother told me about.

  I was mowing and the strange question about pastors getting better seats in heaven came to mind. I don’t think that the pastoring job for a church looks good. Long hours, always on call, recruiting all of the time and inconsistent reinforcement from your congregation. In human terms, it looks like tough work. There is the daily satisfaction of serving God. This is not to be mocked or underrated. There is a sense of service in helping people. Again, this not to be mocked or undervalued. However, I admit that I come from a sales background. When my past line of work, if you did well you received bonuses and commissions. I was wondering if maybe there would be a bonus for theologians, bible scholars or pastors in the afterlife?

I turned to Matthew, (after I looked on, to find a better understanding of this question. Of course, Jesus speaks in parables. The parable stories illustrate His answers. Here is what I found:

  • God pays all of the workers the same, regardless of when they start the work or what they do in the work, as long as they do the work. Matthew 20:1-16

  • God invites all of us to the banquet, regardless of our station in life. He expects an understanding of the honor of the invitation and appropriate behavior. Not all who are invited will come. Some who try to attend and are not worthy of their invitation will not be allowed to partake in the banquet. Matthew 22:1-14

  • There is a great role for pastors that Jesus described as it relates to the understanding and sharing of God’s intents. Matthew 13:47-52.

  • Greatness in heaven comes from humility. Becoming a child, open and humble to instruction. This is Jesus’ declaration. Matthew 18:2-5.

I really like the book of Matthew as you can tell. 

What does all of these parables mean? Here is what I take away from it. There are better seats than others, otherwise why would there be a comparative greatness? Pastors who study and share the insights of God are doing an important and valued role. We can all get in to heaven, the same heaven, so long as we accept Jesus and do His work.

  This is where the big disagreement may occur. I think that there might be better seats in heaven. I do not think that they are guarantied to pastors any more than any one else. However, Jesus does spell out some of the things that will be required not only to join heaven but to be highly valued there. 

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