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Coffee is for Christians

I believe that in a coffee shop somewhere right at this moment there are people talking about Christ, faith, doubts and what life means for each person as a Christ-follower. In the same conversation, people are talking about their families, the score of a basketball game or some other sport, which car to buy, health. Pick a topic, comfortable or uncomfortable, and it is being discussed in a coffee shop.

I love coffee shop conversations about faith. The chairs are often comfy. The noise is just loud-enough so that when you are talking other people can't really hear you. When things get awkward, you can always go get more coffee. A coffee shop near me, (it rhymes with Starbucks), has a regular group of people discussing the Bible at a table or two each time I go in. It's not always the same group. Actually, I see a lot of different regular study groups. Very cool. Kind of a tough club to get into though. You can't just walk up and say, "Hey, I'm a Christian, can I sit down with you?" Their space is not secured by a fence, but the feeling is there.

Anyway, my experience is that coffee shops are great places of worship and reflection. I developed this site and blog to have honest conversations about Christ, living in the reality of questions and doubts that happen in my faith walk. If you have all of it figured out, then I need you to be a regular contributor, because I don't. I'm not a pastor, bible scholar or even qualified in any way as a certified person to address faith questions. I'm a lot simpler- I'm just on the journey. However, I did not check my mind, doubts and struggles at the door when I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. I believe that faith is a stormy sea. Faith is rarely unwavering- at least for me and the people I have coffee with. We struggle better together and use the best textbook for reference, the Bible.

I wrote a book called, "Saved-ish," that catches some of my thoughts from my walk as I am now. This isn't for money- All the money goes to my church, Heartland Church, here in Indianapolis. Besides, I'm going to publish a chapter a week in this blog starting in November, so you can have it for free.

If you like what you read, or don't like it, or want to talk about it, then do what everyone else does. You comment, you share with other people by linking the blog or commenting in the post. Of course you can subscribe which means that you'll know when another post is up. Comment often, this is a conversation. Also, keep comments clean and smart for a valuable conversation. So, grab a cup of coffee and let's start a conversation as Christ-followers on the journey.

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